If you are a new or current subscriber to Barry's Cactus Club and payment has been taken on the 1st of the month. Your box will be dispatched from our warehouse, within the first 5 working days of that particular month (working days exclude Saturday and Sunday). Once your box has successfully been shipped, you will receive an email notification to advise it's on the way. 

Advised dispatch dates for 2021 boxes are below; all boxes are dispatched within the first 5 working days of the month, unless advised otherwise 

January 2021 - Friday 8th 

February 2021 - (BOX DELAYED *UPDATE* - boxes shipped by Friday 12th)

March 2021 - Friday 5th 

April 2021 - Wednesday 7th

May 2021 - Friday 7th

June 2021 - Monday 7th

July 2021 - Wednesday 7th

August 2021 - Friday 6th

September 2021 - Tuesday 7th

October 2021 - Thursday 7th

November 2021 - Friday 5th

December 2021 - Tuesday 7th

However, if you have subscribed to Barry's after the 4th of the month you are subject to our normal processing time. This is around 1-3 working days, but please note between the 4th and 10th of each month, you may experience a slight delay in dispatch of your box. 

Barry's Cactus Club is only available for delivery within the UK, due to the nature of the product. All boxes are dispatched via Royal Mail on a standard service, with an estimated transit time of around 3-5 working days.